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The services I provide help women to overcome the hurt and challenges from toxic and unhealthy relationships and lack of self-love. Spiritual Love Coaching and Healing provides spiritual and emotional support, guidance, and holistic wellness for women wanting to heal their heart and love their life.

I offer a free 20 min. Heart to Heart consult for women interested in learning more about my coaching services.

working with the spiritual love coach

As a Spiritual Love Coach and Healer I offer a variety of services to best support your healing, growth, and development. My services are personal and customized to fit your needs.

If you are dealing with the pain and heartache of a toxic relationship, have a icebox in your chest after being hurt, or are tired of unfulfilling relationships and want to experience love and meaningful relationships, I'm here to support you.

Spiritual Love Coaching and Healing Services

My services were created to support you on a holistic level towards healing your heart from toxic and unhealthy relationships, becoming your best self, and opening you up to receive the love you deserve.

Love is a powerful and wonderful energy. If you are lacking love, uncertain about love, feel your heart is broken, or are confused when it comes to relationships, let's have a Heart to Heart Connection and discover how I can help you heal and love again.

Coaching with the Spiritual Love Coach

Coaching Services

Private and group coaching experiences designed to help you recover from past relationships, restore self-love, heal matters of the heart, and develop healthy relationships. Build your confidence and focus on what matters most, you!

spiritual love readings by the spiritual love coach

Spiritual Love Intuitive Reading

Get answers to the questions that are on your heart and mind when it comes to relationships and love. A Spiritual Love Reading can help you explore your relationship and get clarity, allowing you to plan your path with peace of mind.

energy healing services offered by the spiritual love coach

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing sessions help you to relax, destress, and helps to restore balance to your mind, body, and soul. These sessions promote inner peace and clarity for your holistic well-being. These sessions last 45-60 minutes and are done in office or remotely.

energy healing services offered by the spiritual love coach

Angelic Heart Healing

These session call in energy from the Angelic Realm and 4 key Archangels to support your healing. Making emotional challenges easier, by clearing out negative energy, balancing your mood. You also get an Angel Card readings as part of this session! It lasts from 60-90 minutes.

holistic wellness services with the spiritual love coach

Holistic Wellness

A healthy you is the key to healthy relationships. I provide aromatherapy consultations, create custom essential oil blends for your needs, along with offering AromaTouch Technique to create a feeling of overall wellness.

holistic wellness services with the spiritual love coach

Shop Spiritual Love

Check out some of the items I have for purchase, like my custom essential oil blends Holiday Cheer and Lovers Groove.

I will be adding more products to the shop soon!

Spiritual Love Coaching and Healing services are designed to help you heal from toxic relationships, reclaim your power, provide support, guidance, and open your heart to love.

join the spiritual love sister circle

Join my Tribe and stay connected! A community for women focusing support, growth, and encouragement in love, healing, and relationships! We talk about life, love, self-care, relationships, personal growth, and ways to heal and overcoming life's challenges with a loving heart. I do live videos, giveaways, and more!

What Others Say


You have an amazing gift! You guided me to trust my heart again! You are so empowering in a nurturing way. It’s just what I needed.

Jess L. 

/ Coaching Client


Jovanhanna's readings always help me achieve the clarity I am looking for. She's able to take your questions and give you a thorough reading and even when you aren't sure what you're looking to hear. 

W. West
Reading Client


If you are looking for someone to help you re-set, re-energize, and live a better life she is your girl! Toiia

Toiia R.
Blogger & Mom

Jovanhanna The Spiritual Love Coach

The Spiritual Love Coach

I know what it's like to have your heartbroken, to feel lost and confused, longing to be loved. Tired of trifling friends and toxic relationships. Life took me on a painful journey, that turned into the biggest blessing and allows me to be the support that I wish I had. The services I provide are all tools I used in my own healing and personal growth. It's my life's purpose to help heal the world one heart at a time.

Love Notes

Join the Spiritual Love Circle and be supported on your journey towards love, healing, and transformation! Plus get weekly Love Notes of wisdom, inspiration, and more from The Spiritual Love Coach™.

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